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negative_rocks's Journal

Negative Rocks
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Negative Rocks

Welcome to negative rocks, here you can post pictures and information regarding the band negative.

I. This is a place for posting pictures of the band Negative

Only post photos, artwork, icons, or links to videos, which means ~ a picture in every post ~ please try to keep messages, news and reviews legible and short, and if longer, behind a cut.

II. Please use a cut tag for all larger images (500 pixels or more in either direction) and multiple images. Here's the code -

<*lj-cut text="name of your cut"*>place image code here<*/lj-cut*>

Important, you should *remove the stars* for the code to work. Should anyone have difficulties either posting a picture or placing their pictures behind a cut then please contact a mod.

III. Do not hotlink from other people's websites. If you do not have a website of your own, you can host your images at http://www.photobucket.com or http://www.imageshack.us. Both are free to use.

IV. Do not make posts or comments that attack others, be they other members or friends of negative. Constructive criticism, debate and suggestions are encouraged, but abuse will not be tolerated.

V. If a rule is broken then your post will be deleted, that's all. Posting access won't be withdrawn unless you deliberately and persistently break the rules, i.e. if you're here to cause trouble rather than celebrate Negative.

VI. Important! Taking someone else's work from anywhere on the internet without their permission and without giving credit for their ownership is against copyright law. Please credit the owner of a photo, a picture from a magazine, a graphic or icon wherever possible, that way we're at least covered by the 'fair use' application of copyright law.